FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the website IMGpx!

What is a free image hosting, and how can I use it?

We provide free hosting services for images and documents. Click "Browse" to select a photo from your computer or mobile phone, then click "Upload." We will store your image on our server and provide you with URLs to access it. Use the codes we provide to embed the image on your website or in forum posts. Large images should be linked using thumbnail codes.

How much does it cost?

This website will always remain free! Free image hosting is supported by advertisers.

What types of images will you store for me?

Our service will store any legal image or document, excluding adult content. Any files that violate the law will be removed, and your data will be forwarded to the relevant authorities. Before uploading any photos, please read our terms of use.

What file formats of images are accepted?

Images and photos in JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats for unregistered users, and JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF, Web, and PNG for registered users. Supported document file types include PDF, TXT, DOCX, DOC, and XLSX.

Where can I display the images I've uploaded?

Are direct links allowed?

Yes, we allow "direct links" (also known as "hotlinks"). You can embed images we store on your website. Please use thumbnail codes for larger images. Images with direct links on popular websites may be removed if the bandwidth consumption is too high.

Do I need to create an account to upload images?

No, you do not need to create an account. Accounts are completely free and allow you to track all your uploads. Registration allows you to upload more files at once, larger files, and images in all formats.

How long will you keep my images?

Except for unforeseen circumstances, uploaded files that do not violate our terms of use will be stored indefinitely.

What is the maximum file size limit?

The maximum file size for registered users is 12 MB for photos and 24 MB for documents. For unregistered users, it's 2 MB for photos and 4 MB for documents. Some images may be compressed and resized to provide free image hosting.

What is the correct HTML code to embed an image?

<img src="IMAGE_URL">

Why did my .bmp image change to .jpg after uploading?

All BMP files are converted to JPEG to reduce their file size.

Why does my animated GIF look distorted?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide online storage for some large animated GIF images.

How can I help?

Share links to our website from your website or profile and tell others about our site!